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Genesis Dr Johnsy Thomas

A passionate, knowledgeable- avid learner and experienced Psychologist for about 20+ years with a back-score of Mental Health-Wellness in various signatures of repute. Received Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Osmania. An un-tired Analyst of his domain and related areas with more than a dozen of Paper Presentations at National and International Conferences.

Presently working as Chief Psychologist, Aster Prime Hospital Hyderabad (T.S) and Mental Well Being Expert and Motivational Speaker at GENESIS Psychology Clinic,

Conducted 50+ workshops in Schools and Colleges in Telangana on the Topic of Substance Abuse In Collaboration with VIVA education. Motivational and Need-based talks in Corporates Schools, Colleges  MNCs and Software and IT companies: NESS; MEDTRONICS; NOVARTIS; FACEBOOK; DELOITTE; WIPRO; TECH MAHINDRA; GGK TECH (4 premises) ADP; DELL; NOVARTIS.

Interacting with new people, listening to music and reading books inspired by GOD’S word Leisure activity

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Me Different From Other Psychologists and Therapists?

  • I have experience of lifetime working as a professional helping people from all walks of life with all types of problems and issues. 
  • I have been recognized nationally and internationally for my expertise, have worked with patients all over the globe. I understand that there are times in our lives when we need help now, not later, at a place where we feel comfortable, 
  • where there is no set time limit on how long or short we talk.  With that in mind, I offer services to meet your life style and situation.
What Makes Me Different From Other Psychologists and Therapists?


Our goal is to bring change in the way our civilization thinks about mental health issues. We would like to bring in the shift from silence to conversations to bringing the justified concern, for mental well-being, among the members of the family. It helps, not only courage to speak about it, but will ultimately empower individuals to take a step in the direction of the suitable course of action. Our society is in urgent need of an awakening, for mental well-being and mental health.

Our Clinic implements tools and methodologies based on researches from all across the world, to create a protected space for individuals to talk freely and openly about their mental well-being and thereupon guiding them through their hardships, holistically. We aim to rise above our repute as mental health care providers and emerge as a center of evolution within the field of mental health.


The Genesis Psychology Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic recognized for its transforming cutting-edge philosophy that is commitment & dedicated to mental fitness and well-being.
Our aim is to impart evidence-based programs and interventions for persons who are experiencing mental health, wellness, and other problems in daily living (home, school, workplace, and society) with resilience and pro-active, adaptive behavior.

The Clinic offers affordable, exceptional, effective psychotherapy and psychological services to individuals, Children, Adults, couples and families.
The clinic is committed to effective, result-oriented, and time-bound Therapy and Behavioral Medicine interventions.

Our benefits include Avant-garde psychological treatments Leader in the field Specialty clinics based on the latest research, non-judgmental and confidential personalized services.

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