Refund and Cancellation Policy

We are committed for patient satisfaction. We request you to read the fine prints or call us for each psychotherapeutic program or package before buying it; it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.

Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:


There is no cancellation of the plans once you opt for the psychotherapeutic services or services.


Total refund of payment would be applicable if the session has been cancelled from the counsellor’s or psychotherapist side at any point of time. If clients cancel their appointments at their own they will have to specify the reason for cancellation. For refund of the payment one need to cancel the appointment atleast 48 hours prior to the session. Refund would be made deducting banking charges as per the policy. In case of delayed cancellation no refund would be made. The condition remains applicable for one time session and for the package deals.


If you have paid for the session and we have assigned the therapist to you and you don’t wish to take the therapy in that case, no refund will be given to you. Please Note If you wish to cancel it for any reason before taking the session, No refund will be initiated for the same. Please be sure that you really need to take the therapy before making any payments.

If you are unhappy with the services, no partial or any refund will be given in this scenario. Only possibility which exists in this scenario is that we will consider changing your assigned therapist after carefully considering all the valid points and reasons. In this scenario, your therapy will resume from that point only and no previously used minutes will be given to you. You will only get your left over minutes for the session.

Suppose, you have completed your package minutes and not happy with the services, No refund will be given in this scenario. You need to re-opt for the packages and we will consider changing your previous therapist and will provide you the new therapist. But You will have to re-pay for the new package.

You need to take your sessions under the validity period of the sessions, failing to do so will cancel all your subscriptions and no refund will be given in that scenario. You need to re-opt for the packages and restart your journey. In this scenario, we can give you the previously assigned therapist.

The therapist holds the choice to change your appointment time and slot if they feel like it. No complaints will be taken into consideration for that.

If you won’t be able to take a session on the assigned slot, You must tell the therapist at least 12 hours before the booked slot, failing to do so will cancel your 45 Mins from the Package.

Suppose you wish to cancel your package subscription in between because of any reason, no partial or any refund will be given to you.

Usually, Session happens once in a week and the Therapist has the freedom to choose the time slot for you. You can request the therapist to have the session as soon as possible but the therapist will have the final say in choosing the day and time for you.

It is Your responsibility to complete your sessions within the Validity time period, you must contact your therapist to fix your next session. If the therapist is not helping you to fix the session, please send us an email to notify us about the same.